PRHYLI - Puerto Rican Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute


P: 518.479.6833
F: 518.477.1335

Chief Operating Officer & Deputy Superintendent Questar III BOCES/ PR/HYLI Coordinator
Dr. Gladys I. Cruz


PR/HYLI State Coordinator
Lisette Lopez


The Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute is funded by a contract from the New York State Education Department

Training manual now available
Questar III BOCES recently finalized the 2014-2015 PRHYLI training manual for use in pre-Institute training conducted with students in their home districts. This year the Angelo Del Toro PR/HYLI training manual has been updated in accordance with the contract. Learner Center Initiatives, Inc. has aligned the current training manual modules to the Critical Thinking Elements and Standards enhancing the training manual to a higher level thinking processes by skillfully analyzing, assessing and reconstructing the activities.

Welcome to the statewide Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute (PR/HYLI) website!

Here you will find general information about all phases of this program, it’s goals and history. In addition, there are links to the 8 delegations represented across New York State, former PR/HYLI alumni, news, scholarship information, regional student applications forms and a biography of Assemblyman Angelo Del Toro.

"The point of this conference is to say to you that you can do it can influence public policies and state policies. You can influence how the government and how society goes on. And that's very important."
--Angelo Del Toro, 1991