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In what ways, if any, did your experience of PR/HYLI influence who you are today?

“I am more aware of political issues. In whatever career I choose to follow, I would like to help the Latino community overcome the obstacles in their way to success. Without PRHYLI, I am positive my desire to support the Latino community would not be as strong and powerful as today.”

“Made me a more open-minded person”

“Understanding how politics and laws work in and out of this state. Also knowing who I am. ”

“PR/HYLI definitely influence who I am today, because it made me appreciate more where I come from. But most importantly it made me realize how important  it is to have our voices be heard.”

“PR/HYLI gave me an idea of what I wanted to study in college and of what I would want to do in my future.”

“It broadened my understanding on where Hispanics stand in political involvement and how to improve it.”

“It helped me become a more confident person and proud to be part of the Latino community. ”

“I met a lot of awesome and funny people who I’ll always remember. ”

“Unforgettable experience!”

“It made me narrow down my career. Which in the future will be politics. To better America and my community As God wants me to.”

“I was always interested in politics and it showed me that my goal is achievable with a bit of hard work and perseverance.”

“PR/HYLI had a huge impact on me because it taught me how to stand up for what i believe in.”

“It gave me motivation to make a difference in my community”

“Helped me improve my public speaking skills.”

“It showed me that it’s important to know all the I formation (the positive and negatives of everything ) before making any decisions.”

“It made me want to represent the Latino community in a positive way.”

“I now know the process assembly men and women go through to have bills passed.”

“The way that I’m able express myself and appreciate the Hispanic community.”

“It was really cool sharing with other students the knowledge we all had about politics, I made great friends there.”

“Being a Latino student and interested in politics, I love bringing up assemblyman Angelo del Toro. PR/HYLI definitely enhanced my understanding regarding the importance of having Latino representation in politics.”

“It motivated me to pursue my interest.”

“It made me a better person. It also helped develop my leadership skills and public peaking techniques.”

“I know more about our state’s governmental system and now I am more interested in politics.”

“I am more outspoken.”

“It increased my leadership and my confidence.”

“It helped me view and understand politics better and from a different perspective. Now that I am getting older, I need to be able to understand what is going on around me and this program helped me do that.”

“It helped me gain more confidence in myself and my opinions.”

“It gave me hope regarding the impact that Hispanics in my generation may have in the politics of the United States.”

“It helped me developed my leadership skills and demand a higher standard of myself.”

“It influenced me to be confident and to challenge myself to do better.”

“It gave me pride to see who I truly am and where I come from.”

“To be more outspoken and aware of the laws and bills that are being debated.”

“It made me proud to be Latino and work harder to better represent my people.”

“PR/HYL helped me open my eyes and be more aware of what is going on around me. It taught me how to express myself and how to be confident when giving a speech. It also gave me a better sense as to how the government works.”

“During my junior year, I participated in the Angelo Del Toro Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute Program. This leadership program truly helped me become closer to my roots. As a seventeen year old minority, I represent a small percentage of Latino young adults who consider college education. Being one of the two Hispanics of my graduating class, I will admit it is unfortunate that the statistics reveal that Hispanics are not pursuing higher education. However, this motivates me to pursue a career in journalism because I strongly believe that I have the responsibility to document and share with the world the stories of other minorities that otherwise would not be told. I will be a voice for those that have been silenced by society and consider themselves mute by their own life struggles.”

“It influenced me by making me aware of the things that might seem minor but can have a tremendous impact in our community.”

“Lots of the students are still my friends, and whenever I need them they are there for me.”

“It helped me understand that I have rights in this country.”

“PR/HYLI helped me visualize government issues from a different point of view. It was a great experience!”

“I learned to take opportunities as they come and it made me a stronger person”

“Doing presentations allowed me to come out my comfort zone and talk with confidence.”

“I am now aware of many important issues within the Latino community.”

“Influenced my understanding of politics and helped me network with other activist like myself.”

“It gave me a deeper understanding regarding the way the government works.”

“I was like every teenager who had no clue what was going on out in the world. After this experience I learned to question, to ask and always see the truth. Now I’m more aware of what is going on around us.”

“I now take action on things that benefit other people besides just me”

“It sparked and sustains my drive for cultural and political awareness.”

“It gave me an open view of society. It made me aware that everyone has their own specific view on things.”

“During the mock assembly some legislators had views that some people wouldn’t agree with, but these people come forward with a strong fight almost making you second guess yourself.”



The Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute is an innovative collaboration with the NYS Assembly/Senate Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force in conjunction with the annual SOMOS, Inc. conference, Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages, the New York State City Board of Education, and other agencies as appropriate.

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